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He may love you. He probably does. He probably thinks about you all the time. But that isn’t what matters. What matters is what he’s doing about it, and what he’s doing about it is nothing. And if he’s doing nothing, you most certainly shouldn’t do anything. You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life.
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" Audrey was absolutely enchanting and we said, ‘That’s the girl! " William Wyler +

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I follow everyone back!


I follow everyone back!

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A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.
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For most of us in music, technique, whether with the baton, the voice, an instrument, or the composer’s pencil, is something we strive and strain to acquire, hoping that we’ll gain enough of it to give wings to whatever artistic insights we can muster. For Maazel, a child-prodigy conductor, it was just the opposite: musical matters were so easy for him—so were business negotiations; he had no agent—that he could readily become bored, fussing with the music when he should have been shaping it lovingly and giving it life.
Russell Platt remembers the distinguished American conductor Lorin Maazel: (via newyorker)

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One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.
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